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EB97 – Paul Sztorc: Truthcoin & Prediction Markets, From Information-Overload To Crowd Intelligence EB123 – Brock Pierce: From Digital Goods To Digital Currency 152 – Tuur Demeester: Investing In Bitcoin EB90 – Dave Hudson: Insights From The Data Mine And Other Adventures Around The Block EB84 – Tim Swanson: Permissioned Ledgers And The Case For Blockchains Without Bitcoin

The conversation starts at the Epicenter. We were joined by repeat guest Anthony di Iorio, a definite contender for having (co-)founded the most projects in the blockchain space including Ethereum, Kryptokit, Decentral and Jaxx. We got an update on the vibrant Toronto blockchain scene and Decentral. The main discussion revolved around the new wallet Jaxx that is simultaneously a Bitcoin and ... ChangeTip, which calls itself a “money layer for social media,” announced today a SoundCloud tipping feature that it created through SoundCloud’s public API. The company’s prime vehicle is a button, embeddable onto web sites via the Tip.Me widget, that allows content producers (be it news outlets large and small, bloggers, musicians) to accept tips. In the early days of the company, it ... I touch on the stock market, bonds, yield curve, prepping, what you should expect to develop over the next few months. We also speak briefly on the bitcoin price, why it's falling, and what we can expect over the next few weeks going into the halving. Coronavirus and Macro Update - E204. On this episode I walk through a very deep tweet that will help us understand multiple assets on one chain ... As the second-largest stock market by market capitalization, Nasdaq is also one of the leading software companies in capital markets, providing its Nasdaq Financial Framework to exchanges all around the globe. Fredrik Voss, VP of Blockchain Innovation at Nasdaq, joins us to discuss how Nasdaq is leveraging blockchain technologies to propel itself into the future. Having invested in Chain and ... The Segwit2X Hardfork Will Happen And Bitcoin Affecting The Stock Market – 188 4:31. Bitcoin $17,000 Target Update & SegWit2x Returns 13:47. Bitcoin Segwit2x on 28 Dec – Hold Long Term Coins ! 11:18 * Critical Level: $15 550 * BITCOIN & Crypto Trading – Live 24/7 0:00. Why Bitcoin's Next Target is $25,200 Technical Analysis Part 3 by Adam Khoo 11:46. Upcoming Bitcoin Forks + Beluga Pay ...

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EB97 – Paul Sztorc: Truthcoin & Prediction Markets, From Information-Overload To Crowd Intelligence

Support the show, consider donating: 18ZSe3qvW3rCc9ScS5BjQYmcPYPzuAJu5X ( We're joined by Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundat... Each week we will be giving away an Epicenter Bitcoin t-shirt to one lucky listener! All you need to do is leave us a review on iTunes. Then send us an email at [email protected] with the ... But others believe that Bitcoin is unsuited for a lof of 'Bitcoin 2.0' applications and that permissioned ledgers have wide-reaching potential to increase efficiency and transparency. Tim Swanson ... In 2012, a year after discovering Bitcoin in Argentina, Dutch economist Tuur Demeester became one of the first people to advocate investing in Bitcoin to a mainstream audience. Tuur joined us to ... Mix Play all Mix - Epicenter Podcast YouTube Emin Gün Sirer on the State of Cryptocurrency, Securities Tokens, and more at EDCon 2018 - Duration: 19:59. Polymath 971 views