Bekende rap producer van Drake en Nicki Minaj koopt ...

Multi platina platen producent koopt Bitcoin en wordt door Pomp verwelkomd in de club. Murda Beatz, bekend van zijn populaire muzieksamenwerkingen met Drake, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott en anderen, heeft wat Bitcoin voor zichzelf gekocht. Beatz maakte het nieuws bekend aan zijn 283.200

Multi platina platen producent koopt Bitcoin en wordt door Pomp verwelkomd in de club. Murda Beatz, bekend van zijn populaire muzieksamenwerkingen met Drake, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott en anderen, heeft wat Bitcoin voor zichzelf gekocht. Beatz maakte het nieuws bekend aan zijn 283.200 submitted by CryptoKevin1986 to BitcoinNL [link] [comments]

The Bitcoin Tramp AKA Nicky Nu on Twitter: "Has anybody tried the new BSV app SLictionary yet? Self Learning dictionary. You can be a wordsmith & define your word in history! Then get paid lots. Check it out here (wish that was a tonic pow link 😡😉) I put the word 'chav' in.

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Migos vs 300, 50 Bitcoin Lie?, Big Sean Washed? Nicki Best Female Rapper Ever? | Everyday Struggle

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Big Bank YG Feat 2Chainz, Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj /r/Bitcoin

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Grammy-nominated record producer joins the Bitcoin club

This post was originally published on this siteThis post was originally published on this site Murda Beatz, known for his popular music collaborations with Drake, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and others, has bought himself some Bitcoin.  Announcing the news to his 283,200 followers on Twitter, Beatz “saluted” hip-hop artist Jermane Prime and Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano as being instrumental in […]
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01-03 19:52 - 'Does the Rapid Success of Alt-Coins Hurt Bitcoin?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Nicky_Blade removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-4min

Simple question with complicated answers. What's your opinion?
Does the Rapid Success of Alt-Coins Hurt Bitcoin?
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12-09 21:12 - 'You may want to put your slide your fingers into the small crevice around the ring of your neck so you can stretch your anus wide enough to pull your head out. Once out, wipe the shit from your eyes and see that arrogant fuck...' by /u/Nicky_Blade removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-9min

You may want to put your slide your fingers into the small crevice around the ring of your neck so you can stretch your anus wide enough to pull your head out. Once out, wipe the shit from your eyes and see that arrogant fuckhead in the mirror and slap him a few times and then earn your respect. Pz.
"I was on here for 7 years and you were only on here for 2 days so i'm better than you."
That's you. That's what you sound like.
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Futuressss... will they take us into the future or into the past???
Futures in 15 minutes! To The Moon or To The Floor?!?!
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GandCrab Ransomware

GandCrab Ransomware
Belarus law enforcement officials have arrested a 31 year old man believed to be behind the GandCrab Ransomware, extorting over 1000 victims from 2017 to 2018. The hacker demanded fractional Bitcoin payments of $400 to $1500 from his victims. Bitcoin transactions are mostly untraceable online, thus suitable for hacking payments. This hacker attacked victims by sending out millions of Phishing emails. These Ransomware attacks weren’t only in Belarus. The hacker infected systems in the US, UK, Ukraine, France, Italy, and Russia as well. Authorities suspect this hacker to be a career cybercriminal who earned all his income hacking individuals or businesses. The hacker was not only found to use GandCrab Ransomware, he also created and sold malware for buyers on underground forums.

What is GandCrab?

The Internet has enabled the creation of many different “as-a-Service” products, such as: Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Common “as-a-Service” examples include Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft O365. The hacker community has also embraced the “as-a-Service” model. Underground Dark Web forums exist to trade and sell hacking tools, credentials, and hacking advice. GandCrab sits squarely in this model. It is referred to as a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), removing the obstacle of developing, deploying, and running your own hacking tools. GandCrab operators do most of the work for you. Operators charge “fees”, typically 30%, mirroring what Apple and Google do in their SaaS marketplaces respectively.
The authors of GandCrab shut down their RaaS offering in 2019, bragging that that their “affiliates” had raked in over $2 billion, and hundreds of millions for the operators themselves. GandCrab authors released this statement as to why they shut down GandCrab:
“For the year of working with us, people have earned more than $2 billion. […] But […] all good things come to an end. We are leaving for a well-deserved retirement. We have proved that by doing evil deeds, retribution does not come.”

REvil and MAZE Ransomware

Sophos believes GandCrab hackers haven’t retired but instead have continued developing new more devastating ransomware services. Ransomware traditionally encrypted files impacting data availability, however, strong backups enabled companies to ignore extortion requests by restoring their files. Experts believe GandCrab authors retired it to build a new ransomware attack focused on data confidentiality. CyberHoot wrote about a more dangerous ransomware called MAZE back in April of this year. MAZE exports company’s critical data and threatens to release it to the public Internet. Likewise, Sophos argues the GandCrab authors developed and released REvil Ransomware to do the same. In June of 2020 GSMLAW experienced this new REvil ransomware attack which threatened to auction personal information about celebrities and popular organizations including: Mariah Carey, Lebron James, Nicki Minaj, MTV, and Universal.
REvil and MAZE ransomware represent a significant escalation in the threats posed to companies by ransomware. Backups are no longer a mitigating control against these attacks. Companies need a new approach to protecting themselves. CyberHoot would argue companies need an approach that reduces the risk of infection to begin with.

What To Do?

The best way to defend against most cybersecurity threats is through educating your staff and clients to improve their awareness. Lucy Security CEO, Colin Bastable, commented on the recent Garmin Ransomware attack,
“All the security technology in the world is not going to protect against determined attackers. 97% of losses stem from socially-engineered attacks and over 90% are initiated by email”.
With these statistics in mind, it should be obvious the first step in securing your business: train your users.
Ransomware attacks are growing in frequency, sophistication, and impact forcing more organizations to pay the ransom. As long as businesses keep paying, hackers will continue developing more devastating attacks. CyberHoot helps organizations educate their staff and reduce the likelihood of these ransomware infections.
In addition to CyberHoot awareness training, perform these additional actions to protect your business and reduce the chances of falling victim to this all-too-common attack vector:
GrandCrab Ransomware – Sophos
REvil Information Auctions – Sophos
Additional Readings:
Garmin Ransomware Attack
Major Twitter Accounts Hacked
MAZE Ransomware: 3X Threat to Data Security
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[ Bitcoin ] day traders aren't known to be fit. let's change that.

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day traders aren't known to be fit. let's change that.
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Kanye Songs Depicted As NBA Players (MBDTF)

Masterpiece 5/11
Dark Fantasy (Jeremy Lin)
When everyone thought after the Taylor Swift incident Kanye’s career would be over, Kanye masterfully created the greatest album of all time. Dark Fantasy was the opener of the album that put him in the GOAT conversation
Dark Fantasy is a song that gives perspective on Fame, and Jeremy Lin has witnessed a sudden rise to stardom like no other. Linsanity brought the whole league together in supporting him. Even his opponents were screaming for him. Both Kanye and Jeremy Lin came from middle class households, and both were struggling to make it in the game in their early parts of their career.
”I fantasized about this while watching Chicago. Melo, Carmelo me, Knicks mediocrealago. Injury, the first year that I blow. How do you say clutch in Chinese? Me llamo.”
Gorgeous (Donavan Mitchell)
Donavan Mitchell is an amazing example of players standing up to racism. Kanye is one of the few rappers that people with no interest in hip hop would listen to, or even could recognize. Donovan Mitchell has a voice that talk about social issues to a group of “fans” who aren’t particularly fond of people who look like Donovan outside the basketball court.
Also Donovan Mitchell is pretty good looking.
”Penitentiary chances, the devil dances. And eventually answers to the call of Autumn. All of them fallin' for the love of ballin'. Got caught with thirty rocks, the fan look like Alec Baldwin.”
Power (Shaquille O’Neal)
Shaquille O’Neal singled handily changed the NBA. Prior to the 2001-2002 season, help defense was illegal. Unfortunately for opposing big men, Shaq dominated, I mean DOMINATED his opponents. He was nearly 370 Pounds in LA, and still had very nice footwork. However, Shaq became quite a polarizing figure, just like Kanye. There’s moments when Shaq says something ridiculous and everybody clowns him, and there’s moments where Kanye steps out of line and we all make a small facepalm. But both Kanye and Shaq are fun, good spirited people who at the end of the day we hold respect for.
”Fuck Orlando they don’t pay cash. Tell em Diesel said Kobe can kiss my whole ass. And specifically he can kiss my ass hole. I can’t shoot free throws? You nephews got jokes.”
Shaq despite not being the quickest, will try to make some hustle plays.
”Now this will be a beautiful death. I’m jumping into the third row
All Of The Lights (Rajon Rondo)
On a game you could only watch on nbastreams...I mean league pass, Rajon Rondo appears to just be a nice playmaker who happens to not be an outside weapon. But when the TNT crew is in the arena or it’s a playoff game, Rondo transforms into one of the most entertaining players to watch in the NBA. Rondo may throw some of the most beautiful passes we’ve ever seen, or maybe throw 20+ assists or perhaps get a 32 point triple double
His fall from his Boston days could be described as:
”Something wrong, I remove my headband. KG gone, my Rivers left. I pissed off Ray, he joined DWade. I missed at the line, and passed that bread. I’m getting traded, I’m almost there. To my surprise, a midget replacing me. I had to take him to that Chris Paul University...”
Monster (Jay Z deleted verse)
”Barkley, Bradley, Johnson, Bogues, Patrick Ewing with no talent, question, what do all of these things have in common?”
So Appalled (Hassan Whiteside)
After Whiteside got paid after balling out before his contract year, his effort has severely lacked To improve the Heat’s interior defense, Spoelstra told Hassan to not mope like DJ Khaled playing the quiet game, and instead. ”Look Hassan, put two hands in the air if you don’t really care. Your contract sometimes, I mean ridiculous. It’s like that some times, I’m putting in Olynyk.”
All Hassan could respond with was “Fiji wishes and different exotic fishes”*
Devil In A New Dress (James Harden)
Oklahoma City was given a difficult question. Hold on to a 22 year old Serge Ibaka who was averaging nearly 4 blocks per game. Or keep their Sixth Man Of The Year, James Harden. The Thunder made the excellent decision in putting the former Sun Devil in a new Houston Rockets uniform. The future MVP’s trade to Houston was the most devastating event to occur in the city’s history.
”What happened to that 3-1 lead? Oh they blew it. KD packs his bags up, who casually could score. Serge Ibaka break ups, the casualty of tour. How Russ gon’ win and have no shooters on the floor? I thought I was the asshole, I guess it’s rubbin off. You signed the, Hooded Carmelonan, the Clanker of Shots, hard to be humble when you are staring down on a Wes Johnsotron.”
Runaway (Chris Paul)
I love Chris Paul, but it’s clear why fans and his opponents think he can be a douche at times. His aggressive physical play style can be changed to an egregious flop in a moments notice. Chris Paul also according to multiple sources, is not exactly loved by officials
”I don’t know what it is with officials. But I’m not too good at that shit. See I could have me a good team, but still be addicted to the State Farm Ads. See I just blame everything on you, at least you know that’s what I’m good at.”
Pusha Morey was asked about if he regrets trading for a PG who will be getting paid 44 million dollars when he’s 36.
”Twenty four seven, three sixty five, his contract stays on my mind. I-I-I-I did it. All right, all right, I admit it.”
Hell of a Life (Amir Johnson)
According to Nicki Minaj, Kanye West was watching adult content on his computer while working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Whatever he was watching it happened to be a massive success. Amir Johnson, also is an adult films junky, at least according to the numerous actresses he follows.
Joel Embiid on what was on Amir’s phone
”His phone to hide, we both screwed the rules made, he wanna role play til his career over.”
Blame Game (Roy Hibbert)
Roy Hibbert was born ten years too late to be a hall of fame center. During the later stages of the successful 2010s Pacer Teams, Hibbert caught a lot of flak for his underperformance. What may have caused the Paul George, David West, George Hill and Roy Hibbert teams to fall apart was the rumor that Paul George was sleeping with Roy Hibbert’s wife
Roy Hibbert was caught listening into his wife servicing the rising NBA Superstar.
(All Credits for this excerpt go to u/rzpieces.)
“Oh my God
Baby you done took this shit to the nother motherfuckin' level!
Now a perimeter defender like me
Ain't supposed to be gettin' no shot blocker like this
Goddamn, Goddamn! Who thought you how to get vertical for a nephew?
Hibbert taught me.
You never use to play dirty, but now you you throwing elbows!
My, my God, where'd you learn that?
Hibbert taught me.
Look at you, motheruckin' butt ass naked, with them, Hibbert 2s on Who thought you how to put some Hibbert 2s on?
Hibbert thought me
Yo you took your paint defence up a whole 'nother level
This is some Cirque du Soleil defence now shit!
You done went all-NBA on a nephew OK
And I, and I love it
And I thank you, I thank you, my legs thank you!
How did you learn, how, how did your rim protection come up?
Hibbert taught me
I was coasting on players I never coasted on before
I was in there like ooh shit I never been here before
I've never even seen this part of blow-by town before
It's like you got this shit re-upholstered or some shit
Who the fuck happened?
Who, who the fuck got your defence all re-upholstered?
Hibbert re-upholstered my defense
You know what, I got to thank Hibbert
And when I see that nephew I'ma thank him
I'ma buy his HibbertCoin
I'ma mine that motherfucker
I'ma shoot a bitcoiner!
That's how good I feel about this nephew
Ahh, I still can't believe you got me this ring
This motherfucker is the exact motherfucker I wanted!
You went to the finals! This is the motherfucker I wanted
I saw this, I saw it
Kobe had this shit on on the bench
I remember! Kobe had this on on the bench
That's right, that's right!
Yo yo babe, yo yo this is the best birthday ever!
Where you learn to treat a nephew like this?
Hibbert taught me
Hibbert taught you well, Hibbert taught you well”
Lost In The World (Tobias Harris to Boban)
Lost In The World is supposedly a love letter Kanye emailed to his now wife Kim Kardashian. And their bond together is almost as strong as Boban’s and Tobias’s
you are my Boban, you are my Haris
Who Will Survive In America
Hopefully Enes Kanter.
The College Dropout
Late Registration
808s and Heartbreak
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(TDN) script + edits. ATTENTION this is for humor this does not mean I like the trends/celebrities involved. Also it's slightly edgy

ATTENTION this is for humor this does not mean I like the trends/celebrities involved. Also it's slightly edgy
Thanks to
My channel
Proof of originality (this one is different due to edits)
There may be some problems with the script. Sorry
THEY'RE DISCRETE AT NIGHT -by elijah snodgrass
-Nazi Elmo -Pedestrians (5) -David Dorbrick -Incredible Hulk -Fisherman -goku -Twilight Sparkle -DanTDM -Danny Phantom -Spanky the Monkey -Goku’s Kneecap -10 Pirates -Sonic the Hedgehog -European Union -FBI Agent 1 -FBI Agent 2 -FBI Agent 3 -Eliza Thornberry -God -Nicky Manaj -Eminem -Harry Potter -Gangster Fat Guy (Pete) - 10 Communists -Ash -Mage -Kraken -Sentient Water Bottle -Dash Sears -Cleric -Car -Christian -Knuckles -The Worms -Sam -China Guy -Smacky the Monkey -News Host 1 -News Host 2 -Bambie_G -Backup Singer 1 -Backup Singer 2 -Abraham Lincoln -5 Cult Members -Cultist -Kat-B320 -Cosplayer -Ling -Dentist -Sign Holder -Literally The Pope -2 models -Lagoona -Math Guy -old man Sign Holder walks across the stage holding a sign that says “December 2 1940 (WW2)”
Curtains open on a backdrop that is late at night. (Lights Off). A van can be seen down the road the headlights blind pedestrians causing them to fall to the ground holding their eyes. A figure emerges from the white van. The figure is not easy to see in the shadows. Someone covered in red fur waits in the abandoned McDonald's drive through, It is nazi Elmo. The figure comes out of the darkness into the buzzing lights (Spotlight On) beside the McDonald's revealing that he is David Dobrick.
Elmo: I've been waiting for you.
David Dobrick: Elmo stop playing these games!
Elmo: What do you mean?
David Dobrick: why here?
David dobrick gives Nazi Elmo a duffle bag Elmo eyes it closely sniffing it deeply.
David dobrick: I'm leaving now there's no more for me to do.
Elmo takes out a Mauser and shoots David directly in the head. David falls to the ground making a desperate attempt to crawl away he finally gives back a final breath.
Elmo: a shame, You were a fine minion.
Sign Holder crawls across the stage holding a sign that says “December 2, 1999”
The curtains close and reopen to a small village.
The incredible hulk: Did you hear about last night?
Fisherman: Shut up, I'm just selling fish!
Hulk: you will never understand.
Fisherman: are ya buyin or not. (randomly an Irish accent).
Hulk: Yeah yeah.
Hulk digs into his ripped purple shorts. He digs for about a minute then finally takes out a bag. The bag contains a few strange blue coins. Hulk flips a coin to him he takes the fish.
Fisherman: This isn't money!
Hulk dashes away from the fisherman with great speed and agility, Danny Phantom enters and seems confused DanTDM does the same.
Danny Phantom: Where am I????
DanTDM: Dad, really?.
Danny Phantom: Ho Ho HO you always get me.
Twilight enters cheerily.
Twilight sparkle: Hello magical friends.
Danny Phantom blushes showing an extremely desperate attempt to hide his major crush for twilight, Goku enters with a long grin and a teapot.
Goku: I lost my vocal cords.
Goku’s kneecap: No your wrong.
Twilight jumps into a pit of cherry jello and suffocates to death The lights abruptly dim, After a while hulk chims up
Hulk: Damn it's getting’ dark y'all!
Goku: Your right we should find a spot to camp.
DanTDM looks over into a strange door that seems to be connected to a cave, The door has metal bars coming down the it and the doorknob is broken off. DanTDM walks over to it and so do the rest of them.
DanTDM: This place looks super scary!
DanTDM opens the door by putting his foot under it and prying it open. They all travel down.
Hulk: If something approaches i'll smash them.
Danny Phantom: I'll send them into the ghost mug.
Nazi Elmo aproaches holding a lanturn veering the light towrds them.
Nazi Elmo: I thought I told earth a lesson last time.
Hulk: ive heard of this, Its nazi Elmo. An ultra hybrid evolving demon from WW2. my father always told me he would come but I never believed him, I guess he was right!
Nazi Elmo: Yes thats right, now i will destroy the human race.
Goku forms a blue energy into his hands and blasts nazi Elmo he flies into a wall.
Nazi Elmo: Dang, you used the unspell spell, now i cant destroy you.
Goku: Not only that but I formed a lock spell so you can't touch us.
Nazi Elmo tries to punch goku but it goes right through him.
Danny Phantom: We still have to rest in this wretched dungeon to discover tomorrow.
Spanky the monkey enters.
Spanky the monkey: hey y'all!
DanTDM pulls out a yellow sword and slices the monkey. Spanky the Monkey dies.
DanTDM: I only leave bones on the ground and blood on my sword.
Nazi Elmo pulls out a duffle bag and throws it at Danny Phantom. Everyone other than Elmo teleports outside.
Danny Phantom: Wha-What is this?
Nazi Elmo: heehee.
Danny Phantom opens the bag and pulls out a strange device. Nazi Elmo presses a button on the device. A hydrogen bomb comes out from the device and goes into the sky and blows up the moon.
Nazi Elmo: i do what i must, HeeHeeHee...
Moon pieces fall from the sky striking DanTDM and danny Phantom in the leg.
DanTDM: Oh god its in my head AHHHH!!!
Danny Phantom: my-my heart it h- uuuuhhhh
Danny Phantom falls to the ground covered in blood, After a minute of everyone watching danny chokes on his blood and dies. Goku forms a green beam onto DanTDM and the moon piece is healed
Goku: i healed the crater in your head. A hearty gang of 10 pirates enter drinking rum and singing.
Everyone in the gang: “HeeHee We kill with glee while we shoot them dead in their heads.”
Sonic enters selling canned chili tacos at an alarming rate.
Sonic: God i've already sold 400,000,000 cans of chili tacos.
Sonic: what's this?
Sonic picks up the teleport box and clicks it teleporting the remaining people in the area and spankys dead corpse to the EU building. The entire European Union senate enters chatter emerges from the crowd, Nazi Elmo enters soon after him no one follows.
Goku enters 5 seconds later.
The whole EU starts talking Nazi Elmo shoots through them cauing them all to fall on a fence decapitating them all.
Elmo: That'll deal with the economy.
Eliza Thronberry(respected EU member) enters.
Goku: Damn your kinda hot!!
Eliza Thornberry: Thank you teehee.
The fbi enters.
Fbi Agent 1: I'm a unoriginal character forced In by the editors
Fbi Agent 2: hands on behind your back.
Fbi Agent 3: You hear us???? We said do it.
Goku: no.
Goku blast all three agents into a pile of ash and organs.
Eminem enters
Eminem: I eat cheetos, Powdered like doritos, I steal the fritos, Goku don't need a knee tho.
Eminem shoots Goku in the knee.
Goku’s kneecap dies.
Nicky Manaj enters.
Nicky: Ey yo i'm Nicky Manaj.
Nicky kills herself out of fear.
Goku: all my friends die at some point
Curtains close, Everyone leaves the scene The curtains open revealing an exterior of walmart Harry potter enters.
Harry: I really am a wizard and my powers are extreme.
Harry sends a lightning blast into the sky.
Harry: that’ll teach god a lesson.
God enters.
God: How dare you defy me mortal.
Harry stabs god, Gangster Fat Guy enters.
Gangster Fat Guy is holding two models both sides of him With a gold chain and grills.
Gangster Fat Guy: Eyyyyy yoyoyoyo Waddup homie.
Gangster Fat Guy pulls out a glock 18 and sends 3 shots towards harry all shooting him in the chest instantly killing him.
Gangster Fat Guy: God was my brudda that's your payback.
Gangster Fat Guy puts away his glock takes out a mic Gangster fat guy starts singing to this beat
Gangster Fat Guy: “Yu Yu, My life hard, I can't afford lard, I once was barred, EWEEEEEEE, I smoke tea, I'm green.”
The communist party enters
Every communist(10): Smell us.
Goku enters
Goku: no why would I do that.
Gangster fat guy shoots them all once in the head killing them all immediately.
Gangster fat guy: Alright we need to work together.
Goku: i know.
They both walk out.
Sign Holder Sprints across the stage holding a sign that says “Many years later 2198 december 2 in An alleyway by fred meyers and wendys”.
Nazi Elmo: I finally figured it out HAHAHAHA gokus spell has been destroyed.
Goku enters
Goku: Nope, you dumb.
Goku blasts nazi Elmo killing him.
Gangster fat guy: Nice.
They both leave, Sentient water bottle enters. Sentient water bottle peices together nazi Elmo. Nazi Elmo awakes Goku reenters, Goku blasts the waterbottle and nazi Elmo again.
Goku: Ha you thought. Also I love Elijah snodgrass and u/crunchedspine (just in case someone copy pastes without reading)
Ash ketchum enters.
Ash: God I need to catch them all.
Goku: Why?
Ash grabs out a pokeball and throws it at goku, Goku is crunched into the pokeball
Ash: YES.
A mage enters
Mage: I have healed someone
Goku comes out of the ball and shoots a laser at the mage. Mage dies.
Ash: good going goku.
Goku: The taxes won't pay themself.
Goku takes his fedora and walks out the door, Ash falls to the ground shaking and crying.
Ash: Why do I live!
Ash picks up spanky's dead corpse and eats him
Ash(With his mouth full): MMmf So good MMMMf.
Ash takes out a torch and burn his eyes out and dies, Sonic enters.
Sonic: my numbers has made it too 500,000,000,000,000 sold but now i have a broken back and a fatal disease.
Hulk enters, Hulk smashes sonic to death, The kraken enters.
Gangster fat guy enters.
Gangster fat guy: What?
Gangster fat guy shoots the kraken The kraken dies leaving ink on the ground, Christian enters.
Christian: hello my name is christian.
Christian comes to terms with his fatal decisions and jumps off the stage killing himself
gangster fat guy: hi bruddas.
Gangster fat guy gets a parasite.
Gangster fat guy: AAAAHHHHH MY BRAIN.
Gangster fat guy shoots the parasite.
Gangster fat guy: I win like usual, But i love hulk.
Gangster fat guy blushes.
Hulk: You do?
Gangster fat guy: yes.
Hulk smashes gangster fat guy to death hulk was so sad he dies, Dash sears enters.
Dash: Where is it?! Where is he?!
Dash stabs himself in the stomach and dies, A cleric enters.
Cleric: i will heal you.
Cleric heals gangster fat guy and then dies from using all of power.
Gangster fat guy: thanks pops.
A nissan altima car enters and seems confused about the death.
Car: But why would that happen.
The car explodes
Gangster fat guy: My name is pete.
Pete: I will find goku.
Pete goes out the door and 5 seconds later pulls out. Goku and Knuckles enter.
Knuckles: Give the pick-le or get the stick-le.
Pete: pickles are not round these parts.
Goku blasts Knuckles into the sun, Knuckles survives.
Knuckles: You tried you apple pies.
Knuckles folds his spine. Knuckles: I don't think I can take this emotional trauma.
Knuckles runs off crying, a little while later goku starts talking to break the silence, worms crawl at his feet and enter.
Goku: The worms still talk to me.
The Worms: No we don't.
Goku: Nevermind.
Pete: What were you saying.
Goku: Nothing just dont worry about it.
Pete: Ever since I was a kid I was into crime.
Goku: Don't worry my friend we will get through this.
Pete starts crying and sits on Goku’s lap.
Goku: Kinda burns.
Pete: Did you hear that.
Pete actually heard nothing he just really felt like lying, Worms leave.
Goku: No.
Pete: we have to go.
Goku: Your just wrong.
Pete shoots goku in the chest, Goku runs off bleeding out, Pete leaves, Goku enters.
Goku: I thought I loved him he was a brother.
Knuckles enters.
Knuckles: The chamber clangs
Gangster pete and goku enters a chamber everyone else is left behind, There is a ghost and its nazi Elmo, Nazi Elmo comes back to life.
Goku: this is too creepy guys lets skip.
A While later Knuckles, nazi Elmo, pete and goku all enter the dollar store.
Knuckles: I'm buying a cap no cap though.
Knuckles walks to the register, sam is at the register.
Sam: costs 40$.
Knuckles: no money.
Sam: ok.
They leave, curtains close news reporter enters
Reporter: breaking news local clerk sam is dead!
The reporter leaves. Curtains open to a skate park. Goku enters, Goku’s chest is very revealed Princess peach enters as well.
Princess peach: Your Mega hot!!!
Princess peach loves goku so much she dies.
Goku: Why does everyone i love leave me?
Goku starts crying, goku looks up.
Goku: Alright guys we have to find the key.
They all start skating 5 sec later.
Goku: guys?!
Goku looks into the sky. Knuckles enters
Knuckles: wassup bruv.
Goku forms an energy circle around him, pete and knuckles he starts to scream as he uses energy.
Knuckles: It's a nuke!
Pete: we must go to China to escape, it's the only way!
Goku teleports pete, knuckles, and himself to China with his superpowers.
Goku: we are in China now.
China guy enters.
China guy: 死了不然.
Goku: i will not.
China guy takes out a katana. Goku blasts china guy. China guy deflects the blast with his sword. China guy dashes towards goku and swings, Goku dodges.
Goku: You think you can beat me?
China guy: 是.
Goku blasts china guy and he runs away bleeding, Knuckles starts selling towels rapidly.
Knuckles: they are cheap!
Pete pulls out a gun and shoots his feet.
Pete: if I can't walk i'll fly.
Pete flies into the air.
Goku: Where do you think he is now.
Knuckles: We'll never know.
Knuckles starts being a socialist.
Goku’s Kneecap: I am back.
Goku takes his new kneecap and shoves it into his kneecap-less knee, Smacky The Monkey enters.
Pete: OoooH yeaahhh baby (groaning)
Pete eats Smacky the monkey cause he is hungry.
Pete: Oh snap, I need some salt.
Pete leaves to retrieve it.
Goku: We gotta head to the village for food.
The curtains close opening on the village. Goku, and the fisherman enter.
Fisherman: I ain't got no food today, but I got some salt.
Goku: I'll take some brie cheese.
Fisherman: That'll be one bitcoin.
Goku: GREAT! That's the exact amount of money I own!
Fisherman: Gimme the coin or we “might” slice you fingers.
Goku: My guy, Chill.
Goku hands over a bitcoin. Hulk enters.
The Incredible Hulk: Did you hear about last night?
Goku: Only sometimes adventurers fonder the dark depths (An old man with a long past voice)
Curtains close. A desk gets pushed out from behind the curtains. News Host 1 enters. News Host 2 enters. Breaking news music plays.
The lights start flashing. Host 1 has an epileptic seizure
Host 2: Well ha ha. He IS from Florida.
Laugh track plays.
Host 1: That's all for today! See you next time!!!
Curtains close than open to a darkly lit stage, KatB320, Abraham Lincoln, Bambie_G, Backup Singer1 and 2 enter.
Bambie_G: Brothers, I have come here today to sing the song of the holy way. Thou shalt never disrespect the one true living man.
Abraham Lincoln: I came here to eat not to listen. I would not approve.
Kat-B320: i approve.
` BambiG_exe starts rapping.
Eyy i smack people, Put cheese in the tree hole, Leprechauns nose as sharp as an icicle.
Bambie_G and singers exit, A cult enters.
Cult: I'm only here because this play has to be slightly normal for my editors.
Abraham Lincoln decides he is a terrible character and evaporates.
Kat-B320: sigh He was a good son. But things do happen. Kat-B320 falls to the ground and dies. David Dobrick’s body is thrown onto the stage, Goku kills all remaining people other than fishermen, Anime cosplayer enters. Wearing a naruto costume.
Goku: why are you dressed up as me.
Cosplayer: I love you.
Goku: You come with us now.
The curtains close.
Curtains Open revealing a church. The Pope, Goku, knuckles, Dentist, pete, and cosplayer all come into scene. They all stare at a selected person from the audience (Even when speaking).
Pope: I am the pope.
Pope: I am christian.
Goku: without a doubt I do believe that ( Speaking while Pope is talking )
Sign Holder runs across the stage holding a sign that says “Ling has joined the game”. Ling enters.
Ling: I am Ling, you can trust me.
Ling bombs the stage.
Dentist: TEETH TIME! (Screaming as loud as possible (With microphone at maximum volume.)
Dentist puts rubber bands in his teeth and chokes to death on them, Lagoona blue enters.
Lagoona: SLAP ME NOW!
Cosplayer pulls out a staff with a blue gem at the top Cosplayer blasts lagoona with 500 megahertz of something, Goku has a divorce with his dad.
Goku: Why?
Goku blasts lagoona killing her. Staples start falling from the air. A math guy enters.
Math guy: division.
Goku: Its like me and my family.
Math guy: Who are you?
Goku: I am goku.
Goku: Oh my.
An old grandma comes in holding cookies.
Old grandma: I like this.
Knuckles: Let me have a tasty munchy!
Knuckles jumps into math guy killing him. Math Guy dies, Ash reanimates.
Ash: I feel it so good.
Ash has a seizure and dies the set turns dark as every character goes on the stage and start muttering as nazi elmo arises from the crowd raised up on a chair. everything freezes. A light hones in on an old man in the corner.
Old man: And that's the story of my bar mitzvah.
Lights fade music starts as the actors take a bow and exit in various directions around the theatre.
Pete's last name decides its nuvlegiemer
submitted by CrunchedSpine to u/CrunchedSpine [link] [comments]

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Nicky Hayden. What it means to be MotoGP World Champion

Nicky Hayden. What it means to be MotoGP World Champion submitted by TonyCB4 to motogp [link] [comments]

Gerald Cotten, aka Sceptre

Gerald Cotten, aka Sceptre
Using a variety of OSINT tools and research, we're going to demonstrate the chain of evidence confirming that Gerald Cotten, QuadrigaCX CEO, was also known as "Sceptre" online.

Let's start with the name servers. was a domain registered by Cotten and used for custom name servers for a variety of domains. Using your own name servers instead of relatively inexpensive and powerful 3rd-party options (such as Cloudflare, which QuadrigaCX used) suggests you have other motives in mind, and perhaps obscuring or obfuscating logs attached to your domain/s were amongst them.

Using Domain Research Suite (paid sub required) we can trace all domains that ever used as a name server. You can verify this for yourself.
This search turns up a number of interesting domains, and one in particular - the "" domain, which we can link to a post on BlackHatWorld, along with other data points from other domain research.

Let's have a closer look at some of those domains:
OK, so they have all clearly been registered to Gerald Cotten.

Let's take a closer look at the BlackHatWorld posts and profile:

From this we can deduce the following:

  1. Cotten registered and ran the name servers, both for his own domains and a number of friends and associateds, such as:
    1. Patryn (,
    2. Christine Lako, his ex-girlfriend (
    3. Nicky Correa, his friend (,
  2. He also ran a number of his own domains through this server, such as:
    7. Etc. and many others
  3. From other research and domain analysis, we know Cotten had a number of “Sceptre” email addresses, including
    1. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
    2. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
    3. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
    4. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  4. These email addresses were used on domain registrations, forums, payment processors, and a variety of services linking back to Gerald Cotten (more on this later)
  5. Given the preponderance of inexpensive, cheap and more powerful options for name servers (such as Cloudflare, which was used by QuadrigaCX), and Cotten’s preoccupation with security, using proxy services and hiding his IP we can assume this would have been primarily for security reasons
  6. Cotten used the “” domain in connection with his “Sceptre’s Spectacular Content Services” on BlackHatWorld
  7. Cotten posted an advertisement on Blackhatworld for a programmer for a “Website like Bitstamp”, which was just a few months prior to launching QuadrigaCX in December 2013. It’s a short timeframe but we know it fits because QuadrigaCX uses the generic WLOX exchange script, which dramatically reduces the work required to build a crypto exchange (Note: we didn’t say a great crypto exchange). This is mentioned in a post on where user @yerofeyev admits that another exchange, Taurs (founded with PATRYN, mentioned earlier) uses Quadriga code based on WLOX. Strangely that thread is no longer accessible ( as the whole website has been mysteriously shut down in the last few days
  8. Cotten posted a number of threads asking for advice on how to monetise his network of sites, includijg the aforementioned proxy sites, and his celebrity news sites, including Here’s the link to that post as well “BHW - Hiring Celebrity Article Writer”
  9. Cotten’s profile on BlackHatWorld was initially Sceptre and later changed to “Murodch1337” , perhaps after QuadrigaCX began to become popular and he realised he might need to conceal links to his past. Link to Cottens BlackHatWorld profile here:
  10. Patryn was also active on BlackHatWorld, and posted to the following thread “10K budget need suggestions on passive income streams - help”, suggesting “HYIPs are investment scams promising returns of 5-20% weekly, generally.” You can view that thread here:
  11. We know form other research and analysis that both Sceptre and Patryn were highly active in the HYIP/Ponzi/exchanger space (more on this later)
  12. In conclusion, we believe that Gerald Cotten, QuadrigaCX CEO, was known as "Sceptre" on BlackHatWorld and other sites.

This has been a QCXINT release. If you have more information regarding QuadrigaCX, Michael Patryn (aka Omar Patryn, Omar Dhanini, Voleur), Gerald Cotten (aka Sceptre), please send to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) . Your submission will be 100% confidential.

Update 23/04: Reddit dropped the entire post whilst editing so it had to be re-uploaded.
  1. Added link to Freelancer post by Cotten: showing his skype (gerrywc) and "Sceptre" email ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))
  2. There is also a crosspost for the "Bitstamp clone" BHW post here: using exactly the same text.
  3. This further confirms that Gerald Cotten was the poster on Freelancer (as he includes his Skype and email address) and Sceptre/Murdoch1337 on BlackHatWorld
submitted by QCXINT to QuadrigaCX2 [link] [comments]

BFFL Week 6 Projections


Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments................................
QB Pablo Sanchez Melonheads vs. Patriots 17 41 Oh boy, here we go. The Patriots are coming to town and that means it's blowout season! Pablo could reasonably join the 50-point club in this game.
QB Debby Nagasawa Cowboys @ Browns 36 35 Debby has been a stud. In her worst game so far this season, she scored 28 points, which is the best 'worst' game out of anyone (if that makes sense). No question about her dominance, keep her going.
QB Brett Favre 49ers vs. Bears 7 32 The most impressive part about the 49ers' 5-0 start is the fact that Brett Favre hasn't been playing that well. I think he might finally get his breakout game of the season against a weak Bears defense.
QB Holly Franklin Giants @ Titans 17 29 After two disappointing weeks to start the year, Holly has found her niche. It could all culminate with a juicy matchup against the Titans. This could be Holly's chance to shine.
QB Rich Gannon Packers @ Monsters 13 27 After 50 points in the first two games, Rich has only 26 points since. However, the Monsters towards the bottom of the league in yards allowed and just allowed 31 points to the opposing QB. Rich could get richer.
QB Steve McNair Raiders vs. Ponies 42 27 Steve's worst game this season is 23 points, which is pretty dang good. No matter what defense is thrown his way, he'll respond. Keep him in your lineup.
QB Chuck Downfield Texans vs. Colts 20 25 Ah, yes. The matchup Chuck has been waiting for. The Colts have the worst pass defense in the league and all the Texans do is pass. If Chuck can limit the interceptions, he could do some big damage.
QB Amy Bostwick Vikings @ Rams 24 25 You know the drill. You have Amy, you start her. End of story.
QB Lulu Legosi Jets @ Chargers 31 22 Lulu was great last week, mostly because of her running ability. The Chargers are middle of the pack in both passing and rushing, so Lulu should have a more balanced game.
QB Sharon Crowe Ponies @ Raiders 7 22 Sharon couldn't get much going last week, but she's always been and up and down player. This week could be an up, as the Raiders are known to engage in high-scoring battles.
QB Judy Abwunza Eagles @ Armadillos 14 21 Judy had a down game last week, and the Eagles couldn't come away with the win. They've got another tough opponent on deck, and Judy will need to ball out if they want to win.
QB Drew Bledsoe Chargers vs. Jets 21 20 Perhaps I denounced Drew too soon. After 16 points in the first 3 games, Drew has rebounded with games of 22 and 21. He's starting to regain his form. The Jets pose a bit of a challenge, but I think Drew is hot right now.
QB David Wilco Falcons vs. Wombats 28 20 The Wombats defense gives up a lot of yards, and most of those are from rushing. David might record more rushing than usual, which racks up stats more quickly than passing.
QB Betty Houstan Monsters vs. Packers 16 20 Betty has been a decent fantasy quarterback despite her lack of rushing attempts. She's fourth in the league in passing yards and has 12/2 TD/INTs. She's been excellent and should keep it going against the Packers.
QB Debra Hannigan Steelers vs. Hornets 23 19 Debra looks like she had a good game last week, but it was mostly rushing yardage; the Steelers still lost 27-6. Debra keeps faltering against bad teams. She needs to not hold back.
QB Sally Dobbs Armadillos vs. Eagles 31 16 Sally spent all afternoon tearing up the Texans' defense, but the Eagles won't be as easy. Sally has been good but has limited potential here.
QB Matt Monday Wombats @ Falcons 11 16 After 5 weeks, would you believe that Matt Monday is leading the league in passing touchdowns? I couldn't either. But the Falcons could allow Matt to lengthen that lead.
QB Ben None Colts @ Texans 36 15 Ben None is the top fantasy scorer after 5 weeks with an even 200 fantasy points. However, the Texans are notorious for stopping the run and will force Ben to pass. I think this severely limits his chances for another huge game.
QB Zena Fromme Bears @ 49ers 32 14 If only you could rollover points. I don't think Zena will be able to find the passing success she had last week against a nasty 49ers team. Don't count on the Bears being the first team to topple them.
QB Thor Thwackhammer Rams vs. Vikings 22 14 Thor enjoyed facing the Patriots and put up the fantasy numbers he was expected to put up. This week, the Vikings will be a tougher test, but not a total disaster for Thor.
QB Bert Nicholson Browns vs. Cowboys 5 8 Bert scored 53 points in Week 1 and only has 39 points in four games since then. He's been downright disgusting. It's not going to get better this week.
QB Stuart Sullivan Hornets @ Steelers 9 7 After starting the year off with a bang, Stuart has now put up single digits in each of the last two games. The Steelers have been pretty bipolar lately, but if the good Steelers decide to show up, Stuart will stay in single digits again.
QB Dan Doorknob Patriots @ Melonheads 0 6 Dan is the most frustrating fantasy QB to own. He has two games of 30+ and two games of 0! Which version of Dan will we get this week? With a hungry Melonheads team on the other side of the ball, I'm guessing it'll be closer to 0.
QB Andy Gibbons Titans vs. Giants 6 0 I think Andy has feet where his hands should be or something. There is no excuse as to why he is this bad of a quarterback.

Running Backs, Wide Receivers, and Tight Ends

Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments...............................
RB/WR Florence Jackson Giants @ Titans 23 34 After four points in two games, FloJack has 94 in her last three. She might double that after this game...okay not really. But she's bound to go off against this meager squad.
WR Vicki Kawaguchi Chargers vs. Jets 34 33 Now that the Chargers offense looks competent, Vicki is even more dangerous than she already was. Keep her in your lineup!
RB/WR Stephanie Morgan Raiders vs. Ponies 27 29 Stephanie rebounded nicely after her Week 4 dud. She's clearly the favorite target and will get most of the passes thrown her way.
RB/WR Belinda Winters Vikings @ Rams 21 27 Belinda was great last week as the Vikings were actually forced to throw the ball. And wouldn't you know it, they won the game too! I think they'll stick with that game plan this weekend.
RB/WR Victor Jones 49ers vs. Bears 6 26 Victor hasn't quite lived up to his potential as the best WR in the league, but he's been pretty good. I think the 49ers will have a good game against the Bears this week, Victor included.
WR Lance Lundergaard Ponies @ Raiders 7 26 Lance's numbers have been falling off a cliff lately. He needs to return to his former self, which I think he has a chance to do against the Raiders' weak pass defense.
RB/WR Frankie McDoogle Jets @ Chargers 3 25 Frankie only mustered up 3 fantasy points and no receptions last week. I think he'll bounce back nicely, as the Chargers aren't that big of a threat defensively.
RB/WR Knuckles McGhee Cowboys @ Browns 6 24 Knuckles surprisingly struggled last week, but the Cowboys still rolled. This time around, he should easily dismember the Browns.
WR Reese Worthington Eagles @ Armadillos 16 24 Reese is still on top of the WR world, and for good reason: he's a beast! The Eagles depend on him and so does your fantasy lineup.Q
WR Maria Luna Falcons vs. Wombats 37 21 Maria is a stud and there's no reason to believe that won't continue against a so-so Wombats defense.
WR Rainbow Callahan Melonheads vs. Patriots 20 21 Rainbow has been a consistent producer for the Melonheads, and she' in line for a lot of action as the Melonheads are sure to destroy the Patriots.
WR Evan Lindstrom Monsters vs. Packers 12 20 If it weren't for that unexpected zero in Week 3, Evan might be the leading receiver in the league. As it stands, Evan is the man among Monsters. He's a good play here.
WR Mindy Weaver Steelers vs. Hornets 5 19 Mindy has had three straight duds, what is going on!? I think this is the week she brings it back, because the Hornets have an awful pass defense.
WR Cade McNown Giants @ Titans 11 18 The Titans will give up points to just about anybody. I think Cade McNown will have his best game in quite some time.
WR Jorge Garcia Texans vs. Colts 14 18 Jorge is not going to go off very often, but against this weak secondary, he should be able to get his fair share.
WR Georgette Washington Wombats @ Falcons 28 18 Georgette has dropped 20+ in every game except one. She's been a stud for the Wombats and your fantasy team.
RB/WR Yasmin Kristov Steelers vs. Hornets 10 17 Yasmin has been consistent, scoring double digits every game. She should keep it going because Debra loves to throw to her.
WR Dwight Frye Cowboys @ Browns 15 17 Dwight picked up Knuckles' slack last game, but in this matchup against the Browns, everybody will be firing on all cylinders.
WR Patsy Clinehurst Ponies @ Raiders 17 17 Patsy has really burst onto the scene the last few weeks, and I think she's shown that she's the real deal. The last test is showing us that Lance and Patsy can co-exist in the same offense.
RB Horace Young Colts @ Texans 2 16 Horace Young is getting the start against the Texans which means he could run wild! He's a nice stream if you need a RB.
WR Baloney Maloney Bears @ 49ers 28 16 Baloney was fantastic last week, but the Bears offense should take a hit as they face a tough opponent. Baloney is probably still start-worthy, but don't expect an outburst.
WR Neal Smith Colts @ Texans 15 16 Neal Smith is the main target and will finally get a lot of looks now that the Texans will shut down the Colts run game. He'll get several points just based on the volume of receptions.
WR Kenny Kawaguchi Melonheads vs. Patriots 6 16 After totaling 36 fantasy points Week 1, Kenny only has 21 points since (including two shutout games). However, with the Patriots on the horizon, everybody on the Melonheads is sure to see some action. I like Kenny in this one.
WR Nutzy Nussbaum Rams vs. Vikings 19 16 Picking which Rams receiver will do better is like predicting Bitcoin prices. I think both of them might do okay, but who knows.
WR Terrell Davis Rams vs. Vikings 16 16 Picking which Rams receiver will do better is like predicting Bitcoin prices. I think both of them might do okay, but who knows.
RB/WR Armon Hammerstein Armadillos vs. Eagles 42 15 Armon had the game of a lifetime last week. However, the Eagles have the speed to keep him in check, unlike the Texans.
WR Omar Stephano Hornets @ Steelers 5 15 Remember when Omar was the top WR in the league? Yeah, now Stuart can barely throw him the ball. Omar is useful since he's the most likely player to get a touchdown, but the Steelers might prevent everyone from scoring.
RB/TE Tony Delvecchio Cowboys @ Browns 18 14 Tony has been creeping up the ranks of fantasy tight ends. I think a soft matchup against the Browns is another one that he and the Cowboys will exploit.
WR Susie Townshend Wombats @ Falcons 7 14 Susie has had her ups and downs, but she's one of the best second receivers in the league. She's always worth a look, especially if Matt Monday continues to lead the league in touchdown passes.
WR Tiffany Bosworth Eagles @ Armadillos 14 13 Tiffany is clearly behind Reese in terms of production, but she's no slouch. Despite scoring less than Reese every week, she's scored double digits 3 times.
RB/TE Mohammed Springsteen Melonheads vs. Patriots 10 12 Mo has surprised us as a good tight end this season. He could reach the end zone again as the Patriots will hand out touchdowns like free samples.
TE Marky Dubois Texans vs. Colts 19 12 Marky is the man and he has finally regained his position as the top tight end. Keep him in your lineup.
WR Pinky Purton Bears @ 49ers 10 11 Pinky has put up at least 9 points each game, but her highest output is only 18. She's very consistent but will never carry your team to victory single-handedly.
WR Lola Linkletter Vikings @ Rams 7 10 Lola hasn't quite replicated her 37 point outburst from Week 2, but she's been decent here and there. Her worth is mostly dependent on touchdowns.
RB/WR Jimmy Rockfish Packers @ Monsters 14 10 Neither of the Packers' receivers have been very consistent this season, and the Monsters just held Frankie McDoogle to three points, so this concerns me a little.
RB/WR Mikey Thomas Texans vs. Colts 11 10 Fun fact: Mikey is the only person in the league who has passing, rushing, and receiving yardage!
TE Kimmy Eckman Texans vs. Colts 2 10 Kimmy was only able to catch a single pass last week, but the fact that she never gets a zero is reason enough to keep her as your tight end.
WR Cullen Sullivan 49ers vs. Bears 0 10 Cullen has been awful this season. If there was ever a time for him to show up, it would be against a weak defense like the Bears. But proceed with caution.
WR Stinky Steiner Chargers vs. Jets 8 10 Stinky has yet to hit double digits, mostly because he has yet to score a touchdown. Will this be the week he breaks the seal?
WR Austin Carpenter Packers @ Monsters 13 10 Neither of the Packers' receivers have been very consistent this season, and the Monsters just held Frankie McDoogle to three points, so this concerns me a little.
WR Amir Khan Raiders vs. Ponies 3 10 What happened? After 70 points in the first three games, Amir has 3 points in the last two games. Maybe opposing defenses have figured out who to stop.
WR Ronny Dobbs Texans vs. Colts 0 10 Ronny was held without a catch last week, which will happen from time to time against a tough opponent. However, the Colts give up a lot of passing yards, so everybody might get a chance to perform this weekend.
RB Winky Wojohowitz Rams vs. Vikings 0 9
RB/TE Travis Diamond Monsters vs. Packers 4 9 Travis had a down week after a few good performances. He's pretty boom or bust, and therefore hard to predict.
TE Needle Haystack Bears @ 49ers 15 9 Needle has finally proven why he's a valuable tight end. Unfortunately, he's about to run into a tough opponent. His success will be dependent upon a red zone touchdown.
TE Jevon Kearse Chargers vs. Jets 14 9 Jevon, like the entire Chargers offense, is starting to find his groove. He's becoming more and more dependable as a fantasy tight end.
TE Junior Seau Ponies @ Raiders 4 9 Junior has had one big game this season, and just little pieces of yardage here and there. Against the Raiders, there are lots of receiving yards to be had, and Junior could get some of them.
RB Greg Bonnell Falcons vs. Wombats 4 8 With Greg Bonnell being a new rusher in the Falcons backfield and the Wombats having a bad run defense, it's all adding up to a potentially big day for Greg.
RB Karen Donato Patriots @ Melonheads 0 8 Karen might get some more action in this game if the Melonheads stop the pass early.
TE Craig David Falcons vs. Wombats 11 8 Craig has been a surprise player out of the tight end position the last few weeks. The David (Wilco) to (Craig) David connection is a good one.
WR Nate Kowalski Browns vs. Cowboys 10 8 Unfortunately for Nate, Bert Nicholson has been playing horribly and can't get him the ball enough times. I would wait for a weaker opponent before starting Nate again.
WR Angela Delvecchio Texans vs. Colts 13 8 Angela had her best game of the season last week, and has another chance to reach double digits depending on who the Texans decide to give their touchdowns to.
RB/TE Dmitri Petrovich Eagles @ Armadillos 0 7 Dmitri put up a goose egg last game but he could see a red zone target this week. Might be a time to gamble if you have no other tight ends.
TE Oliver Ramierez 49ers vs. Bears 0 7 Oliver has been all but nonexistent so far. Maybe if the 49ers got him more involved, their offense would work better.
TE Tom Getz Hornets @ Steelers 11 7 If the Hornets get the ball to Tom a little more, they might have more chances to win.
TE Leah Wayne Packers @ Monsters 3 7 If Leah Wayne was as good at football as she was at baseball, you'd win every fantasy game.
WR Liz Levin Monsters vs. Packers 16 7 I'm pretty surprised that Liz has reached double digits three times this season, although she hasn't reached 20. I'm expecting some regression eventually. It may be a game where every pass goes to Evan.
RB Marcus Weiss Giants @ Titans 0 6 Marcus could see some opportunities in the backfield in this game.
RB/TE June O'Shea Giants @ Titans 3 6 The Giants have their most favorable matchup of the year, so is this the week June finally does something?
RB/TE Ricky Williams Jets @ Chargers 13 6 The Dreadlocked Wonder finally had a good game last week, reaching the end zone. Let's hope we don't have to wait 5 weeks until the next one.
TE Jocinda Smith Rams vs. Vikings 0 6 After I heralded Jocinda as one of the top tight ends, she put up two straight zeros. Oops. I think she's gonna find herself some stats this week after a little hiatus, because the Rams need her.
WR Nickie Noodleson Armadillos vs. Eagles 5 6 Nickie had two good games but came back down to single digits. I don't think the Eagles are the opponent that will give up too many points either.
WR Amanda Craven Colts @ Texans 2 6 Amanda might not make a difference against the Texans if Ben has Neal and Horace to throw to.
WR Annie Frazier Jets @ Chargers 0 6 Uh oh, is Annie hitting her weeks-long slump like she did last season? Might be time to dump her and find somebody riding a hot streak.
RB/TE Rose Watson Steelers vs. Hornets 4 5 Rose is still well behind the other two girls on the Steelers in terms of receiving.
WR Hank Wilson Hornets @ Steelers 1 5 If touchdowns were scored with your feet, Hank might be the best in the league! But as it stand, Hank's hands aren't quite as reliable.
WR Kim Esposito Patriots @ Melonheads 4 5 Kim was unable to do much of anything last week, as was much of the Patriots team. This week could be even uglier against a tougher opponent.
RB/TE Brace-Face Brixton Wombats @ Falcons 1 4
TE Olive Hussein Armadillos vs. Eagles 0 4 Olive is too valuable of a blocker for the Armadillos (or at least, that's an explanation we can go with).
TE Karla Karloff Raiders vs. Ponies 15 4 Karla now has two games of 15 points, and 1 point in the other three games combined. Basically flip a coin with her. We got tails, that means a 0.
WR George Coleman Browns vs. Cowboys 3 4 Things aren't very fun in Brown Town. Especially when you're the second receiver on a team that can't pass the ball.
RB Kiesha Phillips Armadillos vs. Eagles 12 3 Kiesha is back to limited usage this week.
RB James Zorn Bears @ 49ers 3 3
RB George Anderson Browns vs. Cowboys 1 3
RB Andres Isben Eagles @ Armadillos 3 3 Andres has been getting a few looks each week but he's too inconsistent.
RB Hans R. Dirtywashum Titans vs. Giants 0 3 Honestly, the Titans should put Hans at QB instead of Andy. But I can't make decisions for the computer.
WR Petunia Young Falcons vs. Wombats 4 3 Petunia is still not seeing the type of volume you want from a second receiver. Maria is just too good; she's hogging all the yardage.
WR Nellie O'Neal Patriots @ Melonheads 1 3 Nellie is just too slow to find any open field against fast teams like the Melonheads.
WR Ernie Steele Titans vs. Giants 1 3 If I was Ernie, I would demand a trade. He's one of the best receivers in the league, long and lanky, with incredible hands. But the pure incompetence of this dipstick of a quarterback can't even stay upright long enough to throw the ball in his general direction. We could replace Andy Gibbons with a seesaw and just jump on the other end, sending the football flying like a makeshift catapult, and that would be a better way to get the ball to Ernie than what the Titans are doing now. Anyway, bench Ernie this week.
WR Pickles Peterson Titans vs. Giants 13 3 Pickles actually played decent last week and caught a touchdown, a flash in the pan for this fallen former BFFL star.
RB Tina Herrara 49ers vs. Bears 2 2
RB PJ Shareef Packers @ Monsters 2 2
TE Fred Sanders Browns vs. Cowboys 0 2 The Browns need Fred to block, not catch. In fact, they could probably use three Freds.
TE Judy Place Patriots @ Melonheads 0 2 Judy's place is on the free agent waiver wire.
TE J.J. Shetland Vikings @ Rams 3 2 J.J. has two more J's in his name than he has reasons to be in your starting lineup.
WR Cisco Kidd Bears @ 49ers 2 2
WR Spanky Simpson Giants @ Titans 1 2
WR Renee Matthews Jets @ Chargers 0 2
RB Jay Green 49ers vs. Bears 0 1
RB Chico Pappas Melonheads vs. Patriots 2 1
RB/TE Carlos Ocampo Titans vs. Giants 1 1 The Titans need Carlos to block, and he's not even doing that.
WR Jane Davis Chargers vs. Jets 0 1
WR Daisy Dewchester Monsters vs. Packers 5 1
WR Isaac Drummond Packers @ Monsters 5 1
WR Cory Barker Wombats @ Falcons 0 1
RB Bridget Oofar Armadillos vs. Eagles 0 0
RB Chucky Flinder Bears @ 49ers 0 0
RB Mark Epstein Browns vs. Cowboys 0 0
RB Jenny Strauss Chargers vs. Jets 0 0
RB Star Moonbeam Chargers vs. Jets 0 0
RB Mikey Tice Colts @ Texans 0 0
RB Cynthia Miller Cowboys @ Browns 0 0
RB Wing Kwan Cowboys @ Browns 0 0
RB Luanne Lui Eagles @ Armadillos 0 0
RB Whitney Singh Falcons vs. Wombats 0 0
RB Daphne Farrington Giants @ Titans 0 0
RB Ben Olds Hornets @ Steelers 0 0
RB Nestor Carpenter Hornets @ Steelers 0 0
RB Bill Larsen Jets @ Chargers 0 0
RB Esther French Jets @ Chargers 0 0
RB Eric Lebeaux Melonheads vs. Patriots 0 0
RB Cathy Benitez Monsters vs. Packers 0 0
RB Olivia Harris Monsters vs. Packers 0 0
RB Clarice Reid Packers @ Monsters 0 0
RB Wanda Hudson Patriots @ Melonheads 0 0
RB Georgia Doyle Ponies @ Raiders 0 0
RB Kate Schwartz Ponies @ Raiders 1 0
RB Dolores Lucio Raiders vs. Ponies 0 0
RB Fred Benson Raiders vs. Ponies 0 0
RB Jay Canasta Rams vs. Vikings 0 0
RB Ray Tran Steelers vs. Hornets 0 0
RB Wendy Harmon Steelers vs. Hornets 0 0
RB Stan Olafson Titans vs. Giants 0 0
RB Dante Robinson Vikings @ Rams 0 0
RB Pete Montoya Vikings @ Rams 10 0
RB Marcie Mallow Wombats @ Falcons 0 0
RB Shermie Shannon Wombats @ Falcons 0 0
TE Lisa Crocket Colts @ Texans 3 0 Lisa will be relegated to blocking duties against the Texans.
WR Sugar Stone 49ers vs. Bears 0 0
WR Ricky Johnson Armadillos vs. Eagles 0 0
WR Julio Henderson Browns vs. Cowboys 1 0
WR Joshua Marriott Colts @ Texans 2 0
WR Mickey O'Connor Cowboys @ Browns 0 0
WR Gretchen Hasselhoff Eagles @ Armadillos 0 0
WR Mike Schwartz Falcons vs. Wombats 2 0
WR Crazy-Legs Calonzo Hornets @ Steelers 0 0
WR Ashley Webber Melonheads vs. Patriots 0 0
WR Nancy Martin Patriots @ Melonheads 0 0
WR Pete Wheeler Ponies @ Raiders 0 0
WR King Kirby Raiders vs. Ponies 1 0
WR Charlotte Allen Rams vs. Vikings 0 0
WR Paul Applebaum Steelers vs. Hornets 0 0
WR Johnny Omar Titans vs. Giants 0 0
WR Lorrie Peters Vikings @ Rams 0 0


Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments..............................
DEF 49ers Defense 49ers vs. Bears 19 19 The 49ers have been amazing this season on their way to a 5-0 record. They should be able to sack Zena Fromme all game long and extend that to 6-0.
DEF Cowboys Defense Cowboys @ Browns 9 18 The Cowboys defense slightly disappointed last week but a matchup against the Browns looks very promising.
DEF Giants Defense Giants @ Titans 17 18 The Giants defense had their best game yet against a pretty good offense. This week they get possibly the worst offense in the league. The G-Men could even improve upon last week's performance. They're a good streamer pick.
DEF Raiders Defense Raiders vs. Ponies 24 18 The Raiders were phenomenal last week, putting up 24 fantasy points. They could threaten a 20-pointer again, since Sharon Crowe gets sacked a lot.
DEF Vikings Defense Vikings @ Rams 9 18 The Vikings played below their standards last week, but they have a favorable matchup here. They should be one of the top defensive options this week.
DEF Jets Defense Jets @ Chargers 20 17 The Jets defense was outstanding last week, and could be line for even more greatness this week. Drew Bledsoe has been improving, but he's still sacked a lot.
DEF Melonheads Defense Melonheads vs. Patriots 10 16 Every defense circles their game against the Patriots on the schedule because they know they're gonna have a good day. The Melonheads are no different.
DEF Packers Defense Packers @ Monsters 10 16 The Packers just lost a game that they should have won, and they'll probably come out swinging to avenge it. I think their defense will bounce back this week against the Monsters.
DEF Colts Defense Colts @ Texans 11 15 The Colts get to face Chuck and the turnovers Texans this week, which could result in good things!
DEF Falcons Defense Falcons vs. Wombats 9 15 The Falcons defense isn't one of the most revered in the league, but they have a good matchup here against the Wombats. They could play beyond their means this week.
DEF Monsters Defense Monsters vs. Packers 14 15 The Monsters defense has been slightly improving each week, and had a season high 14 in their last game. Will they continue the trend this week?
DEF Bears Defense Bears @ 49ers 17 12 The Bears defense has been looking better every game. While they may give up a lot of points, the sacks and takeaways are the only things that count in fantasy.
DEF Steelers Defense Steelers vs. Hornets 1 12 Last week the Steelers forgot how to tackle and put up a league-wide season low of 1 point. They seem to choke against lesser opponents. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson and can put the Hornets in their place.
DEF Eagles Defense Eagles @ Armadillos 6 11 The Eagles defense was overwhelmed last week by Amy Bostwick and the Vikings. This week they could be line for a few more sacks with Sally Dobbs in the pocket.
DEF Wombats Defense Wombats @ Falcons 6 11 The Wombats defense has been pretty meh this season. They haven't shown anything to convince me to start them.
DEF Ponies Defense Ponies @ Raiders 16 10 The Ponies lost a heartbreaker last week, and it was not the defense's fault. They've been pretty solid. But Steve McNair and co. have been known to torture opposing defenses.
DEF Rams Defense Rams vs. Vikings 19 10 The Rams thoroughly dispatched the Patriots last week, but the Vikings are a whole 'nother beast. It won't be another shutout, that's for sure.
DEF Texans Defense Texans vs. Colts 19 10 The Texans were able to terrorize Sally Dobbs and even score a defensive touchdown. But this week, Ben None will be too fast to sack and they'll have to rely on takeaways.
DEF Armadillos Defense Armadillos vs. Eagles 8 9 The Armadillos find themselves facing another tough opponent. The Eagles have been careful with the ball; Judy Abwunza has only thrown 1 interception all season.
DEF Patriots Defense Patriots @ Melonheads 15 6 The Patriots defense has actually been getting better lately, but I think the Melonheads might put them in their place this week.
DEF Chargers Defense Chargers vs. Jets 6 5 The Chargers have been winning games lately, but not because of their defense. The Bolts will have a hard time sacking Lulu Legosi.
DEF Browns Defense Browns vs. Cowboys 6 4 Remember when the Browns defense scored 26 in Week 1? Yeah, they've only scored 29 in four games since. Not an attractive pick here either.
DEF Hornets Defense Hornets @ Steelers 3 3 The Hornets defense could only muster up 3 sacks last week against the slow-footed Zena Fromme. This week they're facing the Steelers, and Debra Hannigan is three times as quick as Zena.
DEF Titans Defense Titans vs. Giants 6 3 The Titans couldn't stop a nosebleed if they were an extra absorbent tampon.


Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection
K Eric Lebeaux Melonheads vs. Patriots 2 5
K Ricky Johnson Armadillos vs. Eagles 6 4
K Spanky Simpson Giants @ Titans 2 4
K Hank Wilson Hornets @ Steelers 0 4
K Cullen Sullivan 49ers vs. Bears 1 3
K Jimmy Rockfish Packers @ Monsters 0 3
K Lorrie Peters Vikings @ Rams 1 3
K Marcie Mallow Wombats @ Falcons 4 3
K Amanda Craven Colts @ Texans 2 2
K Wing Kwan Cowboys @ Browns 1 2
K David Wilco Falcons vs. Wombats 2 2
K Frankie McDoogle Jets @ Chargers 2 2
K Cathy Benitez Monsters vs. Packers 0 2
K Karla Karloff Raiders vs. Ponies 1 2
K Jay Canasta Rams vs. Vikings 0 2
K Ray Tran Steelers vs. Hornets 0 2
K Cisco Kidd Bears @ 49ers 1 1
K George Anderson Browns vs. Cowboys 1 1
K Jenny Strauss Chargers vs. Jets 3 1
K Reese Worthington Eagles @ Armadillos 2 1
K Wanda Hudson Patriots @ Melonheads 0 1
K Lance Lundergaard Ponies @ Raiders 0 1
K Marky Dubois Texans vs. Colts 0 1
K Johnny Omar Titans vs. Giants 0 1
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