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Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Segwit2X - The OWNERS (market) will DECIDE which is the REAL Bitcoin BTC - not miners.

I believe that both coins, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin2X should be listed on ALL exchanges. Owners of Bitcoin will then decide which Bitcoin has greater market value. The coin that ends up with the highest market valuation deserves the title "the real Bitcoin" and the ticker symbol BTC.
Miners might be political at first, but we all know that in the end, they will mine the most profitable chain. This has already been proven, time and again.
The coins can still be technically secured on both chains using nlocktime and RBF, even if there is no replay protection. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4hX7GLuweM
Contact your exchange and demand that they list both Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin2x. Email your wallet & demand that they split your coins safely.
The only wallet that I know of so far, that has confirmed that they will provide support for SegWit2X chain is the Ledger hardware wallet. They clearly state "if there's no replay protection added we'll force a split before transacting" Source: https://twitter.com/BTChip/status/896056752948486148
Miners have a powerful voice BUT so do the owners of Bitcoin (the market). The owners can choose which chain they prefer, & nobody can take that choice away from them. Miners will eventually mine the coin that has the highest value.
We might end up getting opt-in replay protection added to Segwit2X (btc1). Source: https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/pull/127
Am I missing something? If you can add further information to this post, it would be helpful.
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